MARCH 16, 2023

MARCH 16, 2023

Dear Grace Family,

“Always keep your eye on the ball.” How many of you have heard or used that expression when learning or teaching how to play golf, tennis, baseball, or even ping pong? What is meant by that sentence, of course, is that there will always be distractions when playing any of those games, but if you’ll just focus in on the ball your chances of success exponentially increase. As I’ve been thinking about our life together at Grace Presbyterian Church lately, I keep coming back to, “always keep your eye on the ball.” There are ALWAYS things we can wish for that aren’t true about us yet. There are ALWAYS things we can improve upon that we simply aren’t doing a good job of. There are ALWAYS things where we can take a look and see that the Lord is blessing one particular ministry or the other. You see, if I (and we) lose focus on what our primary calling is as the church we will take our eyes off the ball and we’ll either constantly be chasing what we don’t have or taking for granted what we do have. My prayer for all of us is that we can truly love Grace Presbyterian Church and appreciate her for what God has been/is doing in and through her. That’s the ball we need to be keeping our eye on. We are a group of saints who are struggling through our sins together. We are group of saints who all have ideas and opinions about how things should be. We are a group of saints who have hurt each other. Above all of that though, we are a group saints who Jesus loves and died for. We are a group of saints who experience weekly the lavish love of a good Father to His wayward children. We are a group of saints who experience weekly the resurrection power of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are a group of saints who experience weekly the peace and transforming presence of the blessed Holy Spirit as He empowers our worship services. I have hopes, desires, dreams, and aspirations for what Grace can become and I know each of you do as well. But let me tell you, who we are right now is pretty special, too. In fact, with all of her blemishes and imperfections, the Lord Jesus finds this portion of the bride known as Grace Presbyterian Church beautiful today, just as He will tomorrow and the next. And for me, this is what I have to always remember. When we walk through the doors this coming Lord’s Day, lets silence the “what ifs” in our minds about Grace and, instead, celebrate the” already are’s.” See y’all then!

Humbly yours,


MARCH 9, 2023